About ISAC

Our Vision

Grand Academic Portal (Gyan-Adhyayan- Parampara) is committed to providing a transformative impact on the current Higher Education system in India and abroad through continual innovation in academics.

Our Mission

To create a holistic and transformative platform for the teaching community and explore their academic pursuits.
To cultivate a strong and united academic fraternity and make a pool of world-class talent.
To instil, attract and retain diverse fraternity who can create a collaborative environment open to free exchange of ideas, research, entrepreneurship in their full potential
To make a positive value addition to the society – regionally, nationally and globally by engaging partners outside the limiting boundaries of the campus

ISAC – International Society for Applied Commerce

The aim of the ISAC is to bring together both academic and professional researchers, scholars and students to exchange and share their research results about all the aspects of Business, Management, Marketing and Social Sciences. ISAC has organized many international conferences since its inception in collaboration with national and international universities and institutes. Some of them are BUTCCM (Bangalore University Teachers Council for Commerce and Management), ICLSECR, Dr. NSAM FGC, Lumbini Academic Foundation etc.

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