Post-Doctoral Fellowship

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Postdoctoral fellowships are research grants designed to enhance the training of people with recently completed PhDs.  It is a wonderful opportunity to prepare for a career in academia or public history, get a strong foothold on a new research project and expand research networks. The greatest benefit of a post-doctoral fellowship is that it can facilitate one’s research agenda. One can use the time to produce articles, make concrete progress on a book manuscript, or begin a new project and set the stage for future work. A starting professor faces numerous challenges, and the demands on their time for administrative work and teaching are enormous. In case, just like the majority of postdoctoral, everyone has not yet secured a permanent position, he will also use the period of his fellowship to apply for jobs. In most cases, he will have a host who follows his progress and acts as a mentor. This postdoctoral fellowship will provide exposure to academicians and scholars of India.



The main objectives of Post-Doctoral fellowship are:

  • - Postdoctoral fellows will be able to write grant and research proposals and to present their research in the form of teaching, conference presentations, or in publication, all at a competitive level. 
  • - In addition to research skills, it is important that postdoctoral fellows achieve proficiency in other professional skills important in embarking upon a successful career.
  • - To support the most meritorious research that contributes to the education of India.
  • - The postdoctoral fellowship is intended to support researchers who have completed their Ph.D., in developing an independent, international research career.
  • - The fellowships aim to train prospective scholars to become highly skilled and innovative researcher



There are following benefits of this Postdoctoral fellowship program:

  • - The Postdoctoral Fellowship can give the chance to get up-to-date on current research as well as take the time to learn several different things related to research.
  • - Candidates will have the ability to develop a new or underdeveloped area of expertise, time to transition from student to professional, and the opportunity to gain an experience that may make applying for a faculty position a bit easier later on.
  • - One will have the opportunity to become exposed to the workings of the international and multilateral policy process.
  • - One can devote 100% of his or her time to research and therefore are able to submit more journal articles based on his or her Ph.D., more grant applications, and possibly collect data to be used in future publications.
  • - Candidates have more flexibility than during their Ph.D., with none of the teaching and admin responsibilities that academics at the beginning of their research career usually have; they can travel freely to conferences and administer their own funds, working hours are almost as flexible as during their Ph.D.
  • - Research culture will be promoted through this initiative.
  • - Quality of research papers and journals will be published
  • - More creative research work will be promoted through this fully- funded fellowship


Eligibility criteria for fellowship program

  • Individuals must have received a doctoral degree from an accredited domestic or foreign institution.
  • The candidate has not previously received a similar fellowship (not even in part).
  • The upper age limit for this program is 50 year


Selection procedure

Interested and eligible candidates are invited to complete the online-application form. an application form along with necessary documents which will be available on our website. Eligible candidate must have Income certificate which shows his or her family annual income is less than 5 lakh rupees. Candidate’s application will be screened on the basis of his or her academic performance and numbers of journal or article published nationally.


Tenure of fellowship

Candidate will get fellowship for 2 years (24 months)

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