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Grand Academic Portal (Gyan-Adhyayan- Parampara) is committed to providing a transformative impact on the current Higher Education system in India and abroad through continual innovation in academics.

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To create a holistic and transformative platform for the teaching community and explore their academic pursuits.
To cultivate a strong and united academic fraternity and make a pool of world-class talent.
To instil, attract and retain diverse fraternity who can create a collaborative environment open to free exchange of ideas, research, entrepreneurship in their full potential
To make a positive value addition to the society – regionally, nationally and globally by engaging partners outside the limiting boundaries of the campus

Sr.No Title View
1 Robots View
2 NAAC support material View
3 Dr. Chetan Trivedi: Techno-Savvy Teacher View
4 Dr. Japee- Company Analysis View
5 Dr. K.R. Upadhyay- IFRS View
6 Prof. Amithash Prasad- Line Following Robots View
7 Dr. Japee- Innovation and Best Practices View
8 Dr. Japee- Knowledge Management View
9 Dr. Japee- Quality Assurance View
10 Dr. Preeti Oza- Caste religious Study- Dalit Buddhist Equation View
11 Dr. Preeti Oza- Dalit Poetry- Translation and Representation View
12 Dr. Preeti Oza- Use of English and Employment View
13 Indian Economy View
14 Prof. Rakesh Srivastava- Multivariate View
15 Prof. G. Soral- Multivariate Analysis View
16 Sunny Wadhwaniya- Decision Making View
17 Dr. Mayur Wadhwniya- English Language for International Business View
18 Dr Sagar Dave- Strategic Management 2 View
19 Dr. Sagar Dave- Strategic management 1 View
20 Dr. Japee- Vocationalization of Education View
21 Dr. Japee- Primer for Research Scholar View
22 Dr. Japee- Research Design View
23 Prof. Fahmeeda Shaikh- Facility Layout View
24 Prof. Fahmeeda Shaikh- Total Quality Management View
25 Dr. Sagar Dave- Strategic Planning View
26 Dr. Viral Jadav- Maxims of Teaching View
27 Dr. Viral Jadav- Conflict and Adjustment View
28 Dr. Viral Jadav- case Study View
29 Dr. Jigar Aggarwal- How to Prepare Research Proposal View
30 Dr. Jigar Agarwal- Introduction Financial Leverage View
31 Dr. Jigar Agarwal- unidimentional Impact... View
32 Dr. Jigar Aggarwal- Moral Hazard View
33 Dr. S. S. Deshpande - Demand Basics View
34 Dr. S. S. Deshpande - Income & Cross Elaticity View
35 Dr. S. S. Deshpande - Market View
36 Dr. S. S. Deshpande - Equim in Diff Markets View
37 Dr. S. S. Deshpande - Indifference Curve View
38 Dr. S. S. Deshpande - Price Discrimination & Equim View
39 Dr. S. S. Deshpande - Price Elasticity View
40 Dr. S. S. Deshpande - Supply View
41 Dr. S. S. Deshpande - Utility Analysis View
42 Dr. Swati Saxena - Ethical Leaderhip View
43 Jinesh Shah - Indian Financial System View
44 Dr. Gurudutta P. Japee - Literature Review View
45 Arundhati Dasani-7th IC- Presentation View
46 Devishree- 7th IC- Presentation View
47 Dr. Ajay Patil- 7th IC- Presentation View
48 PPT- 7th IC- View
49 K. Jayshree-7th IC- Ppts View
50 Prof. Mangesh- 7th IC- ppts View
51 Prof. Meera Krishnappa- 7th IC- ppt View
52 Dr. A. Noyaline- 7th IC- ppts View
53 Prof. Sangeeta Kulkarni- 7th IC_ ppts View
54 Savita Kulkarni-7th IC- PPTS View
55 Dr. Veluraj and Dr. Sarvanan- 7th IC- ppts View
56 Test View
57 Multivariate Analysis by Dr. Hemal Pandya View
58 Prof Hemal Pandya- Hypothesis Testing View
59 Scaling - Prof hemal Pandya View
60 BRM Overview by Prof Hemal Pandya View
61 Investment Analysis by Prof Hemal Pandya View
62 Operation research by Prof Hemal Pandya View
63 Non Parametric Tests by Prof Hemal Pandya View
64 Data Collection by Prof Hemal Pandya View
65 Multiple Regression Analysis by Prof Hemal Pandya View
66 Factor Analysis by Prof Hemal Pandya View
67 Multiple Discriminant Analysis by Prof Hemal Pandya View
68 Qualitative Research by Prof Hemal Pandya View
69 Qualitative Data Analysis by Prof Hemal Pandya View

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