Excellence in the field of Research

Our Vision

Grand Academic Portal (Gyan-Adhyayan- Parampara) is committed to providing a transformative impact on the current Higher Education system in India and abroad through continual innovation in academics.

Our Mission

To create a holistic and transformative platform for the teaching community and explore their academic pursuits.
To cultivate a strong and united academic fraternity and make a pool of world-class talent.
To instil, attract and retain diverse fraternity who can create a collaborative environment open to free exchange of ideas, research, entrepreneurship in their full potential
To make a positive value addition to the society – regionally, nationally and globally by engaging partners outside the limiting boundaries of the campus

Excellence in the Field Of Research - Staff Excellence and Organizational Stewardship



In the present scenario of higher and technical education in India we don’t have a system of rewarding meritorious teachers in the field of research. The continued absence of such incentive for better performance might lead to de-motivation of performing individuals. Therefore, the objective behind this Initiative is to recognize meritorious faculty members of institutions of the country by assessing their overall performance and to encourage the excellence in higher and technical education by felicitating such meritorious teachers.   


Eligibility criteria

  1. Age limit for faculty members is 50 and they must have experience of 5 years in their relative fields or domains.
  2. Faculty members must be related to either colleges or universities.
  3. Awards shall be given to the faculty members on the basis of academic participation in the field of research.
  4. Faculty members must have presented / attended / addressed the seminars / conferences / refreshers / courses / orientation programmes / symposia etc.
  5. Faculty members must have some academic achievements i.e.  Honours / fellowship / awards / Prizes /cultural exchanges.
  6. Faculty members must have submitted/completed research projects in the academic year.
  7. Faculty members must have membership in Project consultancy / membership in advisory committees / trust / board / NGO.
  8. Faculty members must have articles, research papers published in newspapers / Journals / E-Journals.
  9. Faculty members must have books published.
  10. Faculty members must have research project mimeographs.
  11. Faculty members must have delivered lectures at the institutions of higher learning (University department/ college etc.) or must have done some work for community awareness/civil society.
  12. Faculty members must have contributed to the corporate life of the college / university i.e. He/she must have organized some seminars/ workshops/ training program or must have some institutional communication & editorial work of in-house journals / Research Pub.
  13. Faculty members need to have research patents registered in their names.

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