Faculty and Student Exchange Programmes

Our Vision

Grand Academic Portal (Gyan-Adhyayan- Parampara) is committed to providing a transformative impact on the current Higher Education system in India and abroad through continual innovation in academics.

Our Mission

To create a holistic and transformative platform for the teaching community and explore their academic pursuits.
To cultivate a strong and united academic fraternity and make a pool of world-class talent.
To instil, attract and retain diverse fraternity who can create a collaborative environment open to free exchange of ideas, research, entrepreneurship in their full potential
To make a positive value addition to the society – regionally, nationally and globally by engaging partners outside the limiting boundaries of the campus


  • GAP proposes a Faculty Exchange Programme to enhance the quality of teaching and research in the colleges and universities.
  • Establishment and Management of the Faculty Exchange Programs
  • The funds required for the operation of the Exchange Program will be provided by the GAP. The Programme will be managed by the GAP. 
  • Under this Programme the selected faculty members of the colleges and universities will visit reputed foreign universities for a period of about two months.(preferably in summer vacation)
  • The invited foreign scholars are also expected to stay approximately for about two months on the campuses of the universities/ colleges of India and interact with the teachers and students. The details of the nature of work of Indian faculty abroad and foreign faculty coming to India will be finalized by the respective experts and panel members. Since the objective of the scheme is to improve quality of teaching and research in the state universities of India, the focus would be on the exchange with most outstanding foreign institutions.


Implementation of Exchange Programme

  • At least four (4) months prior to the exchange, the details of the exchange as negotiated by the parties hereto will be finalized by the university in the form of an agreement, indicating clearly the activities of the faculty and the benefits of the exchange Programme to the university.
  • An agreement of the exchange Programme should include among other things:  
  1. Names of the faculty members selected for the exchange Programme
  2.  Maximum Period of the exchange
  3. Roles and Responsibilities of the exchanged faculty members
  • The agreement shall be submitted to the GAP
  • The exchange Programme shall be widely circulated by the university among all the faculty members.
  • Applications shall be invited from the candidates desiring to apply for the exchange Programme along with the detailed CV supported by evidence.


Eligibility Criteria

The candidate selected for the exchange Programme:

  • Must have a Ph.D. or an equivalent degree
  • Minimum 10 years of teaching and research experience
  • Must have published at least 05 research papers in peer-reviewed and outstanding national and international journals and/or books published by the reputed publishers. The quality of the research paper and/or books shall be vetted and ranked by a committee of three outstanding scholars.
  • Applicant must have made a remarkable contribution in his/her field as judged by a committee.
  • Faculty member below the age of 55 years shall be given preference.
  • The faculty member with the highest API will be given priority.

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