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Our Vision

Grand Academic Portal (Gyan-Adhyayan- Parampara) is committed to providing a transformative impact on the current Higher Education system in India and abroad through continual innovation in academics.

Our Mission

To create a holistic and transformative platform for the teaching community and explore their academic pursuits.
To cultivate a strong and united academic fraternity and make a pool of world-class talent.
To instil, attract and retain diverse fraternity who can create a collaborative environment open to free exchange of ideas, research, entrepreneurship in their full potential
To make a positive value addition to the society – regionally, nationally and globally by engaging partners outside the limiting boundaries of the campus


GAP has been involved in strengthening higher education through popularizing research in institutions of higher education in India several workshops have been conducted to build capabilities of teachers for actively engaging themselves in research projects. GAP is launching Research Grant Programme under which teachers of THE WORLD will be providing financial assistance to conduct research projects on specific problem.



Objective of Research Grant Programme is to encourage teachers who could not avail financial assistance from any funding agency to carry out research work. Research Grant Programme, aims to provide financial assistance to young teachers to carry out research projects. Research Grant Programme specifically aims at providing opportunity to the aspiring teachers to carry out research on a particular problem/issue/theme of India Moreover, under Research Grant Programme, involvement of students in several processes of research projects is expected to build research capabilities of students.


The Programme

Under Research Grant Programme, college and university teachers are invited to submit research project proposals that address a particular issue relevant to India 


Eligibility/Target Group

GAP, GAP will provide financial assistance to teachers working at Universities and Colleges as permanent, who wish to undertake, along with teaching work, a Research Project on a theme/issue/aspect relevant to India Candidate with Ph.D. degree will be given preference. The Upper Age limit of the applicant must not exceed 55 years of age.


Terms and conditions

  • It would be the responsibility of the Principal Investigator and the host Institution for total accountability of the project. After completion of one project (date of finalization of accounts of the project), the Principal Investigator should publish two papers in a reputed journal in the form of Books/Article/Presentation in seminar etc. from the said project completed.
  • Colleges/Universities/ Institutions forwarding the proposal should have adequate research facilities.
  • Teacher awardees shall be required to submit Audited Financial Statements to GAP on completion of the research project.
  • Teacher awardees shall be required to submit (i) a detailed report in a prescribed format, (ii) relevant vouchers, documents, bills and other documents related to research and (iii) original data collected for research to GAP.  Research Report shall be a copy right of the awardees, yet, research report and other material shall be the property of GAP.
  • Teacher awardees shall be required (i) to engage at least 03 to 05 students in the proposed research work and (ii) to mention names of these students as co-authors in two research papers published out of the research work.
  • The Principal Investigator will submit Monthly report to GAP which will include academic and financial details.
  • Funds under this Programme will not be available for any other capital expenditure like building, major equipment’s, furniture, purchase of vehicles or long term hiring of vehicle.
  • Research project must be completed within a period of maximum two years from the date of grant awarded.
  • Any paper or abstract published as a result of work done from this grant must mention the source of funding.


Nature of assistance

  • The quantum of assistance for a research project will be upto Rs. 1 lakhs for social sciences and Rs. 3 lakh for science which does not have support from Industry.
  • A research proposal having financial support of at least 25% of total cost of research project from industry will also is eligible for selection process. Such Teachers are also encouraged to apply.
  • Rs. 1500 per month per student will be available to handle specific aspects of research project for a period of one year.
  • Project Proposal would include actual travel support to students for handling/conducting research project. Travel by students will be undertaken by Bus of Sleeper Class Railway.
  • Research Project in Sciences including Engineering & Technology, Humanities, Social Science, Languages, Literature, Arts, Law, Library Science and Physical Education and allied disciplines are included under this scheme.


Non-Recurring Grants

  • Equipment (Minor equipment only)
  • Books and Journals
  • The equipment as well as books & journals grants may be utilized to procure the essential equipments and books & journals needed for the proposed research work.
  • The equipment and books & journals acquired by the Principal Investigator under the Research Grant Programme must be deposited to University/ College/Institution or in the departmental library or the central library after the completion of the project which will be the institutional property.


Recurring Grants

(a)      Hiring Services

This is meant for specialized technical work, such as sample analysis, for which the University/Institution either has no infrastructure or such services are available on payment basis.

(b)      Contingency

The admissible contingency grant may be utilized on spares for apparatus, photo-stat copies and microfilms, typing, stationary, postage, telephone calls, internet, fax, computation and printing needed for the project. Expenditure towards the audit fee may also be claimed under contingency head.

(c)      Special needs

Assistance  may  be  provided  for  any  other  special  requirement in connection with the project which is not covered under any other ‘Head’ of assistance under the scheme.

(d)      Chemicals and Consumables

Assistance may be provided to meet expenditure on chemicals, glassware and other consumable items.

(e)      Travel and Field Work

The amount allocated under the head travel/field work is to be utilized for data collection and collection of other information such as documents and visit to libraries within the general scope and sphere of the on-going project.  This should not be used for attending conferences, seminars, workshops and training courses etc. They may also avail special casual leave/duty leave for field work/collection of data as per College/University rules.

(f)       Re-Appropriation

The Principal Investigator may re-appropriate maximum 20 per cent of the recurring grant allocated under each head with the permission of Registrar/Principal under intimation to the GAP.

(g)      Tenure and Implementation

Proposed project will be for duration of maximum two years.

The effective date of implementation of the project will be mentioned in approval-cum- sanction letter.


Procedure for applying

All eligible teachers in colleges/university may submit their Research Proposal along with an updated resume which will be assessed by the Evaluation Committee institute by the GAP Office, Ahmedabad.

Interested teachers are requested to submit their research proposal in prescribed format duly forwarded through the principal to:


Procedure for approval

The received proposals duly forwarded by the Colleges /Universities will be assessed by a Committee of experts constituted by GAP. The final decision will be taken by the GAP on the basis of recommendations made by the Committee and the availability of funds under the scheme.


Expert Committee shall evaluate proposals on the basis of:

  • Problem Identification
  • Literature review
  • Expected benefit of the proposed research to India and other relevant parameter.
  • Procedure for release of grants
  • The first instalment of the grant shall comprise of 100% of the Non – Recurring and 50% of the total Recurring grant approved by the GAP for the total duration of the project. The grant will be released in the name of Principal Investigator. Principal Investigator will be solely liable for conduct of research project and all related financial matters.
  • On receipt of Annual Progress Report, statement of expenditure and utilization certificate of 1st instalment of grant, the 40% of the total recurring grant will be released as second instalment. Remaining 10% will be released on receipt of following completion documents as final reimbursement:

1.  Copy of the final report of project along with soft copy.

2.  A consolidated item wise detailed statement of expenditure incurred during the complete project period in the prescribed proforma duly signed and sealed by the Principal and the Principal Investigator

3.  A consolidated Audited Utilization Certificate for the amount actually utilized towards the project duly signed and sealed by Chartered Accountant, College Principal / Registrar of University and the Principal Investigator in the prescribed proforma.

4.  The unutilized grant, if any, may be refunded immediately through demand draft drawn in favour of the GAP.

It is mandatory to post the Executive summary of the report, Research documents, monograph, academic papers published under Research Project on the website of the University/College.

The Principal Investigators/Institutions is expected to settle the accounts immediately on completion of the project. In case the balance grant, if any, is not claimed within six months from the date of completion of the project, the same will lapse and no representation will be entertained on this behalf.


General Rules

(a)      Project is not transferable in any case.

(b)      If the PI is transferred from his/her original place of work to another Institution No Objection Certificate should be furnished for the transfer of the project from both the Institutions stating that necessary facilities will be provided by the Institution in which the awardee is transferred for the smooth functioning of the project.

(c)      If a Principal Investigator fails to complete the project, he/she has to refund the entire amount released with interest.

(d)      No extension in tenure is permissible in any circumstances.


Monitoring and Evaluation

Principal Investigator will be required to submit quarterly progress report describing the progress made in the research project along with contribution of research students in conduct of research project.

Principal Investigator will be required to make presentation of progress made in research project half yearly. Students engaged in the research project will also be required to make presentation of their contribution in implementing research project.

Principal Investigator will be required to provide following details of students engaged in research project: Name, email, phone, Programme of study, institution where student is enrolled, year of study, activities conducted by research students, comments on the performance of students


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