Our Vision

Grand Academic Portal (Gyan-Adhyayan- Parampara) is committed to providing a transformative impact on the current Higher Education system in India and abroad through continual innovation in academics.

Our Mission

To create a holistic and transformative platform for the teaching community and explore their academic pursuits.
To cultivate a strong and united academic fraternity and make a pool of world-class talent.
To instil, attract and retain diverse fraternity who can create a collaborative environment open to free exchange of ideas, research, entrepreneurship in their full potential
To make a positive value addition to the society – regionally, nationally and globally by engaging partners outside the limiting boundaries of the campus


Research and  innovation is one of the initiatives of GAP under which several research based exposure visit have been organized .The relevance of research in this modern era is increasing day by day. Therefore, the plan is to organize a one month research based exposure visit for faculty of various streams  (Arts, Sci, and Commerce)



The objective behind this exposure visit is to develop a trend of research among best faculty members of colleges and research scholars of higher education and making them aware of career opportunities in research through effective learning. So for students and research scholars who are already doing well in their academics, this exposure visit will help them in developing their thinking and knowledge through research.


Activities for faculty to accompany the students

Faculty members must have delivered lectures at the institutions of higher learning or must have done some community awareness program.

These faculty members will deliver lectures on concepts related to research like characteristics, objectives of research, types of research, various research methodologies, research process ,literature review ,formulation of hypothesis, citation methods, writing research paper, book review, case review, articles etc. Their lectures will also be recorded and given to the students for future reference.

This workshop will also include educational visits for one week where the invited faculty members will assign field projects to students based on their areas for practical exposure and for making them learn the method of conducting a research.



These exposure visits will benefit all the faculty members and students and research scholars of colleges as they will get an idea about research and related concepts from the grassroots level which will benefit them in the future and this also help them in knowing different career opportunities in this area.


Duration of exposure visit

The duration of this exposure visit will be for 1/2 month and it will be taken by expert faculty members who will give proper training to participants.

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